Press Kit


Film Schooled
33 E Mills Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45215

Marcus Adams
Mobile: 513-258-3885

Russ Lamkin
Mobile: 513-256-2124


Film Schooled Logo (3300 px X 900 px)

Coaches Marcus Adams (the writer) and Russ Lamkin (the director) (3456px X 2304px)

Tanner Bornemann and Alex Pfeiffer of Team Hazard crafting their monster. Photo by Syd Barrett. (1536 px X 2048 px)

Film Schooled Episode One - "Scary Movie". Photo by Syd Barrett. (1888 px X 1439px)

Hijinks on the set. The rivalry's always friendly on Film Schooled. (3456px X 2304px)

Coach Russ Lamkin and teen producer Tanner Bornemann from Film Schooled Episode 1. (3456px X 2304px)

Marcus and Russ filming the Film Schooled intro at Jack Fischer Studios. Photo by Terrance Huff. (2048px X 1225px)

Marcus and Russ at Jack Fischer Studios, official sponsor of Film Schooled. Photo by Terrance Huff. (2048px X 1225px)

Teen producer Brandon Burns, crew member Kyle, and coach Marcus Adams hammering out the story for Team Blue. (1920px X 1080px)


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